Staff Directory

Advocates and Attorneys

Jeremiah Battle - Attorney

Carolyn L. Carter - Director of Advocacy

Alys CohenAttorney (Washington D.C. Office)

Arielle Cohen - Attorney

Thomas A. Cox - Of Counsel

Charles Delbaum - Attorney

Charlie Harak - Attorney

Robert J. Hobbs - Senior Fellow

John Howat - Senior Energy Analyst

Carol Kenner - Of Counsel

April Kuehnhoff - Attorney

Deanne Loonin - Attorney

Sarah Bolling Mancini - Of Counsel

Willard P. Ogburn - Executive Director

Andrew G. Pizor - Attorney (Washington D.C. Office)

John Rao - Attorney

Elizabeth Renuart - Of Counsel

Stuart Rossman - Director of Litigation

Lauren Saunders - Associate Director (Washington D.C. Office)

Margot Freeman Saunders - Of Counsel

David Seligman - Attorney

Jon Sheldon - Attorney

Robyn Smith - Of Counsel

Tara Twomey - Of Counsel

John Van Alst - Attorney

Geoffry Walsh - Attorney

Olivia Wein - Attorney (Washington D.C. Office)

Odette Williamson - Attorney

Darlene Wong - Of Counsel

Chi Chi Wu - Attorney

Persis Yu - Attorney


Eleanna Cruz - Administrative Assistant

Svetlana Ladan - Operations Manager

Marina Levy - Research Assistant

Debbie Parziale - Office Manager

Beverlie Sopiep - Administrative/Technical Assistant

Shirlron Williams - Administrative Assistant (Washington Office)        


Jan Kruse - Director of Communications


Richard Dubois - Deputy Director

Sarah LeDonne - Development Associate

Lauren Mahoney - Events Manager/Development

Christine Thielman - Grant and Development Communications Writer

Gerald Tuckman - Director of Individual Giving


Margaret Kohler - Director of Finance

Olga Shmatkova - Staff Accountant

Ted Thompson - Accounting Assistant


Vivian Abraham - Legal Editor

Shannon Halbrook - Digital Publications Coordinator

Denise LisioDirector of Editing and Production

James Lynch - Marketing and Sales Manager

Eric Secoy - Legal Editor

Dorothy Tan - Legal Editor

Lisa Tran - Publications Assistant

Donna Wong - Director of Publications