Headshot of a woman with shoulder-length straight brown hair wearing a gray blazer, a necklace, and a lilac collared shirt.

Karen Lusson

Senior Attorney

Karen Lusson is a senior attorney at the National Consumer Law Center, who focuses on energy and utility issues that affect low-income customers. Previously she was the assistant bureau chief in the Public Utilities Bureau of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. Her duties included representing Illinois residential ratepayers in litigation involving utility rate increase requests, rate design, ratepayer-funded energy efficiency programs, mergers, rulemakings and low income customer affordability issues. Prior to that, Karen was a staff attorney at the Illinois Citizens Utility Board and an assistant public counsel at the Illinois Office of Public Counsel. She received her degree in Journalism and Political Science from Indiana University and her law degree from DePaul University College of Law.

Karen co-authored, with fellow NCLC senior attorney Alys Cohen, the Ensuring Consumer Protections in the Delivery of Energy-Efficiency Financing and Renewable-Energy Programs chapter in What’s Possible: Investing Now for Prosperous, Sustainable Neighborhoods.