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Federal Legislation

118th Congress (2023-2024)
Access to Justice
  • H.R.2953 (Rep. Johnson)/S. 1376 (Sen. Blumenthal), Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal (FAIR) Act. Support (letter); Press release 
  • S.1408 (Sen. Booker)/H.R. 3038 (Rep. Allred), Ending Forced Arbitration of Race Discrimination Act of 2023. Support.
  • S.3459 (Sen. Wyden), End Double Taxation of Successful Consumer Claims Act. Support (letter).
Banking, Payments & Remittances
  • H.R.4763 (Rep. Thompson), Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act. Oppose.
  • S.1984 (Sen. Menendez)/H.R. 4128 (Rep. Payne), Payment Choice Act of 2023. Support.
  • S.2669 (Sen. Warren), Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act. Support.
  • S.3538 (Sen. Brown), Close the Shadow Banking Loophole Act. Support (letter).
Consumer Protection Regulation
  • H.R.1059 – SECURE Notarization Act of 2023. Oppose (letter).
  • H.R.7440 (McHenry), Financial Services Innovation Act of 2023. Oppose (letter).
  • H.B.4507 (Rep. Meyers-Martin), Credit Repair Organizations. Support (letter).
  • S.3803 (Sen. Warren), Price Gouging Prevention Act of 2024. Support.
  • H.R.6789 (Rep. Barr), Rectifying UDAAP Act. Oppose.
  • H.R.6398 (Rep. Barr), Financial Institution Regulatory Tailoring Enhancement Act. Oppose.
Credit Reporting & Data Fairness
  • S.3502 (Sen. Reed), Protecting Consumers from Abusive Mortgage Leads Act. Support.
  • H.R.2656 (Rep. Torres), Trigger Leads Abatement Act of 2023. Support.
  • H.R.4983 (Rep. Cohen), Equal Employment for All Act. Support.
  • H.R.4560 (Rep. Pressley), Housing FIRST Act. Support.
  • H.R.4907 (Rep. Frost, Maxwell), End Junk Fees for Renters Act. Support.
  • H.R.6003 (Rep. Porter) / S.3103 (Sen. Merkley), Medical Debt Relief Act of 2023. Support.
  • H.R.4198 (Rep. Rose), Protecting Consumers from Abusive Mortgage Leads Act. Support.
  • H.R.802 (Rep. Loudermilk), Respecting State Housing Laws Act. Oppose.
  • H.R.4311 (Rep. Trahan), the DELETE Act. Support.
Disaster Relief
  • H.R.3219 (Rep. Cherfilus-McCormick), Federal Disaster Housing Stability Act. Support.
  • H.R.8117 (Rep. Fletcher), Heirs Empowerment and Inheritance Rights Act of 2024 (HEIR Act of 2024). Support.
Energy Efficiency
  • S.94 (Sen. Shaheen), Investing in State Energy Act. (Weatherization) Support.
Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications
  • S.2827 (Sen. Hickenlooper)/H.R. 2827 (Rep. Peters), BIG WIRES Act. Support.
  • Amendment #1237 (Sen. Rubio) to H.R. 4366 (minibus), Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2024. Oppose (letter).
  • S.3024 (Sen. Durbin), Promoting Access to Broadband. Support.
  • H.R.6929 (Rep. Clarke) / S.3565 (Sen. Welch) Affordable Connectivity Program Extension Act of 2024. Support.
Equity & Racial Justice
  • H.R.7510 (Rep. Velázquez), Survivor Financial Safety and Inclusion Working Group Act. Support.
  • H.R.8127 (Rep. Williams), Heirs’ Estate Inheritance Resolution and Succession Act of 2024 (HEIRS Act of 2024). Support.
High-Cost Credit
Homeownership & Foreclosure
  • H.R.8198 (Rep. Bishop (GA), Rep. Davis (NC)), the Heirs Education and Investment to Resolve Succession (HEIRS) of Property Act.
  • S. 3673 (Sen. Reed) Affordable Housing and Homeownership Protection Act. Support.
  • S.2204 (Sen. Shaheen, Blumenthal, Fetterman), Manufactured Housing Tenant’s Bill of Rights Act of 2023. Support.
  • S.2295 (Sen. Warner), LIFT Homebuyers Act of 2023. Support.
  • S.2224 (Sen. Brown), Stop Predatory Investing Act. Support.
  • S.3402 (Sen. Merkley)/H.R.6608 (Rep. Smith), End Hedge Fund Control of American Homes Act. Support.
  • S.3784 (Sen. Reed), Preserving Homes and Communities Act of 2024. Support.
  • S.3728 (Sen. Tester), Veterans Housing Stability Act of 2024. Support.
Language Access and Immigrant Rights
Payments & Payment Fraud
  • S.1323 (Sen. Merkley), SAFE Banking Act. Neutral.
  • S.3298 (Sen. Van Hollen), Consumer Online Payment Transparency and Integrity Act. Support.
Student Loans
  • H.R.2498 (Rep. Huffman), Private Loan Disability Discharge Act. Support.
  • S.1963 (Sen. Sanders)/H.R.4117 (Rep. Jayapal), College For All Act. Support.
  • H.R.5894 (Rep. Lawler, Espaillat, Davis, Pappas), House FY24 Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act. Oppose (letter).
  • S.3404 (Sen. Durbin), Student Loan Borrowers Bill of Rights Act. Support.
  • H.R.6951 (Rep. Foxx), College Cost Reduction Act. Support (letter).
  • H.J.Res.88 (Rep. McClain). Oppose (letter).
  • S.3107 (Sen. Durbin), Court Legal Access and Student Support (CLASS) Act of 2023. Support.
  • S.3727 (Sen. Durbin), Proprietary Education Oversight Task Force Act. Support.

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