Support the CFPB’s Medical Debt Credit Reporting Ban

The CFPB needs our support to get the proposed rule to prohibit medical debt from appearing on credit reports over the finish line.

Stop Credit Card Junk Fees

Tell your Representative to oppose efforts to stop the CFPB’s crackdown on credit card late fees.

Cap Overdraft Fees: Support the CFPB’s Junk Fees Proposal

Tell Congress how important it is to stop abusive overdraft fees.

Urge the CFPB to Stop Forced Arbitration Fine Print Traps Now

Join us in calling on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to write a rule to rein in forced arbitration in the financial services marketplace.

The Threat to the CFPB – and How You Can Help

We are urging advocates on the ground to submit letters to the editor in their local papers highlighting examples of the devastating problems they are seeing and how the CFPB can help.

Other Ways to Engage

  • Contact Congress
    • Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121
    • Look up the numbers for the individual offices of the House and Senate.
    • Find your U.S. Representative here.

Tips for Advocates