NCLC is interested in cases that will have a far-reaching impact and can benefit from our unique legal and policy expertise. To maximize our limited resources we help bring together strong litigation teams made up of private lawyers, legal aid, and nonprofit groups. NCLC’s litigation activities are restricted to consumer law matters only. View our Litigation Project Guidelines and Eligibility Standards.

Our Cases

Index of open and closed cases.

Amicus Briefs

Amicus briefs filed by NCLC and our partners on behalf of our low-income clients.

Co-Counseling with NCLC

NCLC offers a unique set of resources that can play a critical role in providing high-quality representation to low-income and elderly consumers in select class actions and high-impact cases.

Expert Witness and Complex Case Consulting Services

NCLC offers expert witness and consulting on consumer law and regulated utility cases.