Banking, Payments, & Remittances

Bank accounts, prepaid cards, banking apps, and gift cards store consumer funds or handle payments. New technologies like faster payment services, cryptocurrencies, and proposed digital currencies may also hold funds or make payments. NCLC supports safe banking options and opposes overdraft and other unfair fees, payment scams, lack of deposit insurance, and other problems that can harm or exclude consumers. NCLC opposes expanding bank privileges, including preemption of state consumer protection laws, to non-bank entities.

Key Topics

Bank Charters

Fighting expansion of bank charters and bank privileges in ways that undermine consumer protections. 

Bank, Prepaid & Other Deposit Accounts

Working to protect bank accounts, prepaid cards, and other deposit accounts.

Crypto-Assets & Digital Currencies

Crypto-assets are becoming the latest in a long line of devices used to strip wealth from communities of color and push them further behind.

Overdraft Fees & Services

Fighting abusive overdraft fee practices that harm consumers.

Payments & Payment Fraud

Working to protect consumers and fight fraud when people send money and make payments.


NCLC has been the leading advocate for remittance senders in the past two decades, striving to protect them against unfair and undisclosed fees imposed by remittance providers.


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