Credit Reporting & Data Fairness

NCLC led the way when the United States passed its first data fairness law, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, in 1970 and continues to fight for fair treatment by the original traffickers of Big Data – credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion) – as well as tenant- and background-screening companies and new hawkers of our information. NCLC advocates for more and better protections for credit reports, and other consumer data by fighting for accuracy, fairness, privacy, and holding companies accountable when they violate the law.

Key Topics

Alternative Data & Algorithms

Working to ensure that use of alternative data and algorithms will help, not hurt, consumers.

Background Checks

Fighting inaccurate and discriminatory criminal background checks that are a bar to jobs and housing.

Consumer Protections for Renters

Protecting renters from abuses in tenant screening, rental debt collection, junk fees, and more.

Credit Repair & Credit Monitoring Products

Fighting against shady credit repair firms and pricy credit monitoring products.

Credit Reporting & Scores

Combating errors, bias, abuses, and racial inequity in the credit reporting system.

Tenant Screening

Ensuring that inaccurate and discriminatory tenant screening is not a bar to housing.


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