Debt & Bankruptcy

Debt collectors hound struggling families. Debt settlement and relief services are too often scams. Medical debt and criminal justice fines and fees push people further behind. And access to the fresh start in bankruptcy can be difficult for some. NCLC works to protect financially distressed families and to give them the opportunity to recover.

Key Topics


Improving access to bankruptcy for low-income consumers and expanding the relief available.

Coerced Debt

Protecting domestic violence and trafficking survivors and older adults from financial abuse.

Consumer Protections for Renters

Protecting renters from abuses in tenant screening, rental debt collection, junk fees, and more.

Criminal Justice Debt, Fines & Fees

Addressing harmful debts resulting from criminal justice system involvement.

Debt Collection

Protecting consumers from abusive debt collection practices.

Debt Settlement & Relief Services

Striving to protect consumers from deceptive debt settlement and relief services.

Medical Debt

Working to reduce the burden of medical debt on individuals and families.


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