Consumer Protections for Renters

Low- and moderate-income renters have faced tremendous challenges in recent years, including shortages of affordable, decent housing; spiking rent increases; and abuses by corporate and private equity landlords. Contributing to these woes are practices that are regulated by consumer laws, including tenant screening reports, collection of rental debt, and imposition of junk fees. NCLC advocates for strong protections in these and other areas where consumer laws and renter protection intersect.

Too Damn High: How Junk Fees Add to Skyrocketing Rents

March 13, 2023

Junk fees jeopardize access to future housing and financial stability by contributing to rental debt that leads to negative marks on credit reports.

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Defenses to Collection of Rental Debt

Tenant tactics to deal with rental debt, including: responding to negative tenant screening reports that prevent access to new housing; challenging the rental amount claimed as due; other defenses to rental debt collection lawsuits & eight ways for the tenant to recover attorney fees in litigation.

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