Medical Debt

Medical debt is a top reason people are contacted by debt collectors. Unlike other types of debt, medical debt is often unpredictable. People do not plan to get sick or hurt. NCLC works to reduce the burden of medical debt by advocating for laws that eliminate abusive debt collection, stop credit reporting of medical debt, and prevent medical debt at the outset.

Health Care Plastic: The Risks of Medical Credit Cards

April 27, 2023

Many consumers charge medical bills to credit cards. Some consumers end up using specialized medical credit cards to pay health care expenses, especially for expenses generally not covered by health insurance such as dental or vision care. This report discusses these medical credit cards in depth, beginning with a brief background section and then presenting…

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Collection Actions

NCLC’s treatise detailing consumer defenses to debt buyer and creditor collection lawsuits on credit card, medical, criminal justice, and other consumer debts.

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