High-Cost Credit

Predatory lending strips wealth from vulnerable consumers and communities. High-cost lenders use a variety of methods to evade consumer protection laws and even to deny they are offering credit. NCLC fights for reasonable and effective interest rate limits, affordable small dollar loans, and an end to abusive practices and evasions by payday lenders, online lenders, credit cards, and newer fintech forms of credit.

Key Topics

Credit Cards

Protecting consumers against credit card abuses.

Fintech Credit & Earned Wage Advances

Fighting for strong consumer protections for new forms of credit.

Interest Rate, Usury & Other Credit Laws

Supporting effective state and federal interest rate limits and credit laws.

Payday & Installment Loans

Fighting high-cost, predatory loans and supporting affordable small dollar credit.

Rent-a-Bank Loans

Fighting schemes that help lenders evade state interest rate limits.


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