Low-income households need stronger consumer protections and regulatory policies to prevent service terminations and other threats to affordable and continuous utility services.

Administrative & Regulatory Outcomes

Policy Briefs, Reports & Press Releases

  • Issue Brief: Innovative State Actions on Residential Utility Bill Payment Protections During Covid-19 & Beyond, September 2020
  • Fact Sheet: What States Can Do to Help Consumers: Energy Insecurity, January 2020
  • Issue brief: Model Utility Consumer Protections When Natural Disasters Strike, August 2018
  • Report: Helping Low-Income Utility Customers Manage Overdue Bills through Arrearage Management Programs (AMP), September 2013
  • Report: Rethinking Prepaid Utility Service: Customers at Risk, June 2012
  • Full Utility Credit Reporting
    • H.R. 435, Credit Access and Inclusion Act. Consumer opposition letter, Oct. 30, 2017
    • Issue Brief Full Utility Credit Reporting: Risks to Low Income Consumers, July 2012
    • Presentation to National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissions, June 2010
    • Report: Full Utility Credit Reporting: Risks to Low Income Consumers, Dec. 2009
  • Report: Home Energy Costs: The New Threat to Independent Living for the Nation’s Low-Income Elderly, Feb. 2008
  • Resource Guide for Financial Help w. Utility Bills in MA
  • Report: Guide to Intervening in State Public Utility Proceedings, May 2003
  • Report: Tracking the Home Energy Needs of Low-Income Households Through Trend Data on Arrearages and Disconnections, May 2004
  • Press Release: Increased Utility Debt Threatens Universal Access to Utility

Policy Analysis

  • H.R. 435, Credit Access and Inclusion Act. Consumer opposition letter, Oct. 30, 2017
  • Group letter to the ACEEE rejecting characterization of prepaid utility service as an energy efficiency program, March 22, 2017
  • Group letter to the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in support of the nomination of Ron Binz as Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, July 9, 2013
  • Press Release and Advocates’ Letter to the FCC in support of The National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates’ Recommendation for FCC to Reject Industry’s ABC Plan, September 15, 2011
  • Comments and Reply Comments of the Iowa Bureau of Energy Assistance regarding Prepaid Meters, August 2011
  • Using Nontraditional Credit Information: Boon or Bane? Do Alternative Credit Scores and Credit Reports Really Help Low-Income Consumers?, June 2009
  • Comments of Massachusetts Energy Directors Association and Low-Income Weatherization and Fuel Assistance Network – Investigation into Expanding Low-income Consumer Protections and Assistance, March 28, 2008

Additional Resources