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Utility services are necessary for health, safety, and economic security. At the same time, big changes and investments are needed to address climate change. NCLC works to make energy and utility service affordable while supporting equitable access to renewable energy, energy efficiency upgrades, and other technologies that reduce energy usage and emissions.

A New Customer Bill of Rights: Affordable Utility Services

September 28, 2022

CO-AUTHORED WITH DERON LOVAAS AND LARRY LEVINE (NRDC) Utility services–electricity, heat, water, sanitation, telecommunications, and internet access–are essential to health, safety, and daily life. The vital need for uninterrupted utility service was evident before the coronavirus pandemic, but the COVID-19 public health emergency has reinforced the essential nature of utility service and the threats of…

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Access to Utility Service

NCLC’s treatise on delivery of water, electricity, gas, and telecommunications, with everything a practitioner needs to know on metering, payments, telecommunications, and assistance programs.

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