Non-telemarketing robocalls and texts, such as debt collection and survey calls, to cell phones are illegal without the consent of the recipients, and robocalls to landlines are now limited. Learn about recipients' rights to revoke consent and sue if the calls keep coming.

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Consumer and Privacy Groups Urge FCC to Stop Unwanted Text Messages

Advocates say FCC must act to preserve and expand protections against unwanted, dangerous, or illegal text messages.

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Consumer Groups to FCC: Finish the Exemptions Proceeding as Congress Required

October 4, 2022

This ex parte Notice is submitted to describe a meeting between Federal Communications Commission staff and consumer and privacy advocates on September 30, 2022.

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Victory! FCC Agrees Ringless Voicemail Covered by Robocall Rules

After consumer groups submitted comments in October, the Federal Communications Commission made “crystal clear” that ringless voicemail is subject to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

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How Important Calls Regarding Medicaid Renewals Can be Made Legally

FCC must protect consumers from scam health insurance calls while facilitating Health & Human Services (HHS) calls to remind Medicaid recipients to reenroll.

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FCC Must Facilitate Calls to Help Stop Foreclosures During COVID-19

This ex parte Notice relates to a telephone meeting between staff members of the FCC, American Bankers Association (ABA), NCLC, and Consumer Reports.

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Federal Deception Law

This treatise covers a wide-range topics related to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, including TCPA challenges, remedies, disclosure requirements, and more.

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