March 5, 2020 — Consumer Resources

Protect yourself against scam robocalls, like those claiming to be from the IRS and the Social Security Administration! Consumers should anticipate inaccuracies in callerID and approach all unknown callers as potential scams.

Beware identity theft! Callers may claim to be with a consumer’s bank, credit card company, law firm, or other familiar entity to access private information.

Never provide payment to a robocaller! Unless you’ve verified who the caller is, don’t provide payment or personal information,such as birthdate or SSN, etc.

Don’t rely on callerID. Scammers can easily fake (spoof) callerID to trick you into believing they are someone else.

Watch for charity scams. Scammers use charities as a front for their schemes! Before donating, hang up and verify the charity at 

Take action! Tell the FCC to force phone companies to implement full caller authentication and provide call-blocking technology to customers for free.