A forced arbitration clause is a get-out-of-jail card that takes away consumers’ day in court, forcing them into a tribunal that is often biased, secretive, and lawless. These clauses often contain class action bans that prevent consumers from banding together. Forced arbitration frequently blocks any relief whatsoever. NCLC is a member of the Fair Arbitration Now coalition and works to oppose forced arbitration and class action bans.

Advocates Applaud House Passage of the FAIR Act

March 17, 2022

The FAIR Act would restore access to the courts for consumers, servicemembers, workers, and small business owners harmed when they shop at, bank with, borrow from, work for, or do other business with companies that violate the law.

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Consumer Arbitration Agreements

NCLC experts explain the latest on how to defeat arbitration requirements and how to success in an arbitration proceeding.

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