April 27, 2023 — Letter

The undersigned consumer, civil rights, worker rights, health, environmental, community, faith,
student, and other public interest organizations, strongly support the Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal
(FAIR) Act. The legislation would ensure that workers, consumers, servicemembers, nursing home
residents, ordinary investors, and small businesses harmed by bad actors will be able to bring valid
claims in court, and will not be forced into private, secretive, corporate-controlled arbitration systems
that nonnegotiable contracts overwhelmingly require. The FAIR Act covers cases involving consumer,
civil rights, employment, or antitrust violations, and will ensure that harmed individuals in these cases
can enforce related federal and state protections.

During this period of recovering from the aftermath of a global pandemic, followed by sharp price hikes
for goods and services, as well as recent bank failures, families have become even more vulnerable to
deception, fraud, abuse, and discrimination. It is even more critical that Congress restores and upholds
every person’s ability to seek relief when harmed.