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Working Twice As Hard To Get Half As Far: The Impact of Student Loan Debt on Black Women

2022-06-08T13:59:18-05:00June 8, 2022|Categories: Racial Justice, Student Loans, Webinars|

June 7, 2022 Our nation’s long-standing discriminatory and racist economic practices have stripped Black families of the wealth and resources they need to support their children’s pursuit of higher education. Black students at every income level are disproportionately more likely to rely on loans to cover the cost of a college education. Black women, in [...]

More Students Impacted by School Closures: What Should Independence University, CollegeAmerica, Stevens-Henager College, and California College San Diego Students Do?

2021-08-09T13:50:20-05:00August 9, 2021|Categories: Student Loans, Webinars|

August 4, 2021 This webinar will provide students with information about student loan discharges and other information regarding the closure of the Center for Excellence in Higher Education Schools Independence University, CollegeAmerica, Stevens-Henager College, and California College San Diego. In August 2020, the Attorney General of Colorado won its case against CEHE’s owners. In that [...]

What the New Arbitration Rule Means for Litigating Against For-Profit Schools

2019-05-29T13:54:23-05:00February 19, 2019|Categories: Student Loans|

January 29, 2019 While many for-profit schools previously tried to insulate themselves from lawsuits using forced arbitration clauses and class action bans, a rule that went into effect in October 2018 conditions school participation in the federal student loan program on agreement not to enforce these clauses against students with consumer claims. The Department has [...]

False Certification Discharges for Wilfred Academy Students

2019-02-19T13:05:28-05:00November 3, 2017|Categories: Student Loans|

November 3, 2017 In August, a federal court approved a historic settlement in Salazar v. DeVos that could provide debt relief to as many as 60,000 students. Under the settlement, the Department and Guaranty Agencies are in the process of sending out notices and discharge applications to former students who attended "Wilfred Beauty Academy" (and [...]

Student Loan Debt Collection and Seniors

2020-01-21T08:27:27-05:00July 28, 2016|Categories: Elder Rights, Student Loans|

July 27, 2016 Presenters: Kate Lang, Justice in Aging, Michael Walters, Center for Elder Rights Advocacy and Pro Seniors, Inc. and Persis Yu, National Consumer Law Center The Treasury Offset program provides for collection of Federal debts through offset of Social Security benefits. One of the more common scenarios for hotline advocates involves clients who are facing garnishment [...]

Getting Started in Student Loan Law Part 4: Discharging student loans: Disability Discharges and Bankruptcy

2019-02-20T15:11:44-05:00July 22, 2015|Categories: Student Loans|

Administrative disability discharge and bankruptcy are two important ways for borrowers experiencing hardship to eliminate their student loan debts. It is very difficult, but not impossible, to discharge student loans in bankruptcy. Most of the webinar will focus on the threshold questions to ask in considering whether to pursue bankruptcy discharge and tips for proving [...]

Getting Started in Student Loan Law Part 3: Federal Student Loan Repayment Options and Default Resolution

2019-02-20T15:12:56-05:00June 24, 2015|Categories: Student Loans|

This will be the third session in a series of student loan webinars. This session will cover the basics on how to get federal student loan borrowers out of default, pros and cons of each method, and the various loan repayment options/eligibility for borrowers not in default. It will also include information about ongoing problems [...]

Part II: Litigating on Behalf of Reverse Mortgage Surviving Spouses

2019-03-27T07:58:19-05:00May 28, 2015|Categories: Student Loans|

Advocates representing elderly homeowners that were left off of a reverse mortgage loan taken out by their spouses have been struggling to keep foreclosure at bay. For most surviving spouses, HUD is extending only the "Mortgagee Optional Election," wherein the mortgage servicer may assign the mortgage to HUD only if the spouse passes the Principal [...]

Part 2: Getting Started in Student Loan Law: The Nuts and Bolts of Seeking Federal Debt Relief Based on School Misconduct

2019-03-26T08:25:31-05:00May 20, 2015|Categories: Student Loans|

This was the second session in a series of student loan webinars. It provided an introduction to the different types of relief available to student loan borrowers who have been subjected to illegal, unfair, or deceptive school practices. It covered how to identify school-based claims, how to prepare closed school and false certification (ability-to-benefit) discharge [...]

Part 1: Getting Started In Student Loan Law

2019-03-26T08:23:55-05:00April 22, 2015|Categories: Student Loans|

This was the first session in a series of student loan webinars. It provided participants with a background on student loan issues. It covered the importance of providing services to borrowers with student loan issues and the consequences of defaulting on a student loan. It also provided an overview of the different types of loans, [...]