Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice

Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice

The definitive consumer bankruptcy treatise by Henry Sommer, the nation’s leading consumer bankruptcy author.

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People overwhelmed with debt problems can get a fresh financial start by filing for bankruptcy relief. Bankruptcy can stop foreclosure on a house or mobile home, prevent repossession of a car or other property, stop wage garnishment or debt collection harassment, and prevent termination of utility services. In some bankruptcy cases, a plan can be approved to pay over time some or all of an individual’s debts. After years of intense debate, Congress enacted an overhaul of the nation’s consumer bankruptcy laws in 2005.  The changes have made the process more complicated, but the basic right to file bankruptcy and most of the benefits remain the same for most individuals.

Pro Bono Bankruptcy Training Program Material

Intended to help pro bono programs, legal services programs, local bar associations, and other organizations provide high-quality trainings for volunteer attorneys on representing consumers in bankruptcy cases.

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Additional Resources

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