December 22, 2023 — Article

The National Consumer Law Center advanced consumer justice in many ways in 2023. In addition to direct advocacy on behalf of low-income consumers, we provided training to the consumer law community through in-person conferences, webinars, digital articles and publications, online resources, and the media. Here’s a look at NCLC in numbers in 2023. 

Conferences and Trainings 

Number of advocates trained: 8,769 

In-person NCLC/NACA conferences: 3

  • Consumer Rights Litigation Conference and Class Action Symposium
  • Spring Training 
  • Mortgage Conference

In-person conference attendees at NCLC/NACA conferences:  1,372 (Up from 962 in 2022)

Webinars hosted by NCLC and partners: 60+


Websites redesigned:  1

Student Loan Borrower Assistance 

NCLC’s Student Loan Borrower Assistance Project launched a newly updated website with comprehensive resources for student loan borrowers and advocates. 

Publications/Digital Library

Free Articles Published: 18

Most Popular Articles by Reads: 

  • New Consumer Law Rights Taking Effect in 2023 – 51,000 reads
  • New Process to Discharge Student Loans in Bankruptcy | NCLC Digital Library – 14,200 reads
  • Supreme Court Stops Equity Theft in Property Tax Foreclosures – 6,000 reads

Print Revisions: 8

Revised Treatises in the Consumer Law Practice Series

  • Home Foreclosures, 2023 Second Edition
  • Mortgage Servicing and Loan Modifications, 2023 Second Edition
  • Truth in Lending, 2023 Eleventh Edition
  • Student Loan Law, 2023 Seventh Edition
  • Collection Actions, 2024 Sixth Edition
  • Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice, 2023 Thirteenth Edition

For New Practitioners

  • Bankruptcy Basics, 2023 Third Edition

For Consumers

  • Surviving Debt, 2023 Edition

Digital Subsection Updates: 375 chapters updated 

Digital Library Usage: 

User sessions: 474,000 user sessions 

Digital library visitors: 350,000 visitors

Number of Active subscriptions: 8,053 resources indexed and added to new website: 540+ visitors: 350,100+ (up from 286,000 in 2022)

Most visited pages: 

Media Mentions

Number of unique mentions of the National Consumer Law Center in national, state, and local media: 8,870+ (up from 5,000+ in 2022)

Social Media

Number of social media page visits/impressions: 

Twitter/X: 245,300 (up from 104,800 in 2022) *2023 figures include duplicate impressions, counting when a single user sees our post more than once. Analytics tools available in 2022 allowed for their removal.*

Facebook:  3,380+ (up from 3,275 in 2022)

LinkedIn:   5,275+ (up from 2,600 in 2022)

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