Policy Reform Post-Tyler v. Hennepin County: Preserving Homeownership, Preventing Vacancy, and Reducing Legal Risk

December 5, 2023

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Following the Supreme Court’s Tyler v. Hennepin County decision, state and local governments are working to understand its potential impact on their property tax enforcement systems. Though questions remain, the decision creates an opportunity to reform and improve property tax enforcement systems across the country. 

In this webinar, experts from the Center for Community Progress and the National Consumer Law Center will discuss potential policy reforms that can help to address Tyler issues and create more equitable outcomes for individuals, neighborhoods, and cities. These include reforms aimed at both helping keep people in their homes and ensuring local governments have the tools they need to address vacant and abandoned properties.  

Join this webinar to: 
  • Hear an overview of the questions left unanswered by the Tyler decision,
  • Understand how and why states must be proactive in reform, 
  • Learn about the populations most impacted by tax foreclosure and policies to protect communities of color and older adults in property tax system policy and process, and 
  • Discover key areas and tools for reform, such as improved notice procedures, mechanisms for judicial oversight, elimination of the sale of tax liens, and clear and accessible redemption rights. 
  • Libby Benton, Senior Counsel, Center for Community Progress
  • Matt Kreis, General Counsel, Center for Community Progress