First presented in 1990, the Countryman Award has become the most prestigious honor for consumer attorneys with 15 or more years of experience. NCLC is proud to work with these outstanding advocates, and we applaud their efforts on behalf of low-income consumers.

Beth Terrell

2023 Vern Countryman Award Winner

Karen Meyers

2022 Vern Countryman Award Winner

Headshot of a man with receding salt & pepper hair, a beard, and horn-rimmed glasses wearing a light blue blazer and shirt.

David Sugerman

2021 Vern Countryman Award Winner

Previous Vern Countryman Award Winners

Jane Greengold Stevens (2020)
Elizabeth Cabraser (2019)
Karen Brown (2018)
David Humphreys and Luke Wallace (2017)
Mark Chavez (2016)
Lorray Brown (2015)
Dale Irwin (2014)
Richard N. Feferman (2013)
David Leen (2012)
Carlene McNulty (2011)
O. Randolph Bragg (2010)
Michael D. Donovan (2009)
Bernard E. Brown (2008)
Mallam J. Maynard (2007)
F. Paul Bland, Jr. (2006)
Irv Ackelsberg (2005)
Gail Hillebrand (2004)
Dan Hedges (2003)
Joanne Faulkner (2002)
Lynn Drysdale (2001)
Richard Rubin (2000)
Kathleen Keest (1999)
Alan Alop (1998)
David Ramp (1997)
Elizabeth Imholz (1996)
James Sturdevant (1995)
Patricia Sturdevant (1995)
Michael Ferry (1994)
William Brennan (1993)
Carolyn Carter (1992)
Margot Freeman Saunders (1991)
Henry Sommer (1990)

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