Headshot of a gray-haired woman wearing a blazer and a multicolored scarf

Jane Greengold Stevens

2020 Vern Countryman

Jane Greengold Stevens is co-director of the special litigation unit at New York Legal Assistance Group in New York City. She has worked in legal aid for most of her 50-year legal career, starting at Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago in 1969. In her many years of practice, she has been a passionate champion for the rights of low-income consumers. She has an impressive track record of successful litigation, including cases against predatory for-profit schools who defrauded their students. Jane has brought cases against the state and federal governments on behalf of student loan borrowers, including the successful 1994 case Gibbons v. Riley, which benefitted 3 million student loan borrowers. She has also attacked unlawful debt collection practices and protected exempt income from seizure in consumers’ bank accounts.