Through Stay Connected, NCLC attorneys Charlie Harak, Jenifer Bosco, and Jeremiah Battle are offering free virtual trainings for advocates and front-line social service workers who work with low-income, Massachusetts clients to help residents avoid termination of their utility services. Advocates learn the eligibility requirements for electric utility discounts, how to prevent service from being shut off, and how to restore service if it was terminated. The training lasts about an hour and 45 minutes with a short break, and is presented on Zoom.

Advocates can request a live virtual training by e-mailing In your initial email please give us an idea of when you would like the training to take place (we need a minimum of three weeks to plan), and an estimate of how many attendees we could expect (we need at least 15 attendees to give the training). A copy of NCLC’s Utilities Advocacy for Low-income Households in Massachusetts and other course materials are available for download below, and will also be sent out prior to the live training.

A recording of the full training as well as training materials are available below. Please feel free to reach out to with any questions.

Stay Connected Training Recording & Materials

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Training Materials

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Consumer Education Brochures (English and Spanish)


 Past Training

If you view the training online, please fill out the evaluation form here.

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