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Disaster Relief & Consumer Protection


Hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters devastate communities and threaten the financial well-being of residents. The National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) works at the national and state levels to develop innovative policy solutions, train and support local advocates, and educate consumers about their financial options. After the 2017 hurricanes and wildfires that tore apart communities in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Texas, Florida, California and elsewhere, NCLC launched its Disaster Relief and Consumer Protection project. NCLC’s leadership is helping communities deal with the financial devastation of natural disasters while building a network of advocates in affected areas who can share information and learn from one another.

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  • Comments to HUD regarding changes to the loan modification programs for victims of natural disasters, September 27, 2019; Press release, September 4, 2019
  • Report: Obtaining Mortgage Relief for Survivors of Disasters: A Practice Guide for Advocates by Alys Cohen, Margot Saunders, Emily Green Caplan, and Odette Williamson, October 2018 [Note: To print, please select “Fit to Page” under Scale; for best online viewing, please open in Internet Explorer or Firefox]
    • Appendix A: Flow Chart: Homeowner Post-Disaster Road to Recovery [Note: To print, please select “Fit to Page” under Scale.]
    • Appendix B: Short Summaries of Loss Mitigation Rules for Government-Backed Loans
    • Appendix C: Long Summaries of Loss Mitigation Rules for Government-Backed Loans


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