“My client had immigrated from Cambodia, and split up with her husband. Because he wasn’t contributing his income, she missed a few mortgage payments and then she got foreclosed upon.

We went to mediation and got a temporary loan modification, and she made payments for 8 months before the bank stopped taking them. They were complaining that her husband, who was also on the loan, had not signed the loan modification. Even though she kept on making her modified loan payments — I think at one point she had over $15,000 in an escrow account — the bank kept refusing to accept them.

We eventually took her case to trial, and won a judgment in her favor. She was able to stay in her house, and under Maine law the bank is not able to bring a new foreclosure case.

Many clients are afraid they will go to jail for not paying their mortgages. There’s a real misunderstanding by homeowners of the entire process, which highlights how important it is that vulnerable people be represented in court. I’m proud of the work my team and I do to help people and families keep a roof over their heads.”