“It might sound strange, but I think of bankruptcy law as ‘happy law’ because you’re helping people eliminate debt and get a fresh start in life.

I started working in bankruptcy law right after I graduated law school in 2009, and after almost ten years running my own practice, moved into the Consumer Protection Unit at Legal Aid Society of San Diego.

A few months ago I drafted a bankruptcy petition for someone who came into the self-help clinic, and they visited recently to tell me that they had not only been able to successfully discharge their debts, but had also landed a job at the Federal District Court building across the street from our office. Stories like that are so cool to hear, and really illustrate how something as simple as helping a client draft a petition or walking them through the filing process can have a ripple effect that helps them turn their life around.

Consumer law is a great field if you’re the kind of person who values life-long learning. You could be an expert in one particular area, but you might get a case tomorrow that touches on another area you’re not familiar with, so you constantly have opportunities — and needs — to broaden your knowledge and your network. And of course, you get to help people navigate what can be a really scary and confusing process and time in their life, and help them come out the other side with the tools they need to put their lives back together.”