August 15, 2018 — Report

AUTHORS: Philip B Jones (Alliance for Transportation Electrification), Jonathan Levy (EVgo/Vision Ridge), Jenifer Bosco (NCLC), John Howat (NCLC), John W Van Alst (NCLC), and Lisa C Schwartz, editor, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The provision of electricity in the United States is undergoing significant changes for a number of reasons. The implications are unclear. The current level of discussion and debate surrounding these changes is similar in magnitude to the discussion and debate in the 1990s on the then-major issue of electric industry
restructuring, both at the wholesale and retail level. While today’s issues are different, the scale of the discussion, the potential for major changes, and the lack of clarity related to implications are similar. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) played a useful role by sponsoring a series of in-depth papers on a variety of issues being discussed at that time. Topics and authors were selected to showcase diverse positions on the issues to inform the ongoing discussion and debate, without driving an outcome.