September 29, 2020 — Active Case

Henderson et al. v. Vision Property Management, LLC et al., 4:20-cv-12649-SDK-DRG (E.D. Mich.)

This class-action lawsuit against Vision Property Management, LLC and related entities alleges that Vision purchased approximately 1,000 dilapidated homes in Southeastern Michigan and then sold many of them at a huge markup to homebuyers under contracts that were structured to fail. Vision promised these buyers a path to homeownership, but the terms of its contracts made that goal nearly impossible to achieve. The lawsuit alleges that the company targeted Black communities in the Detroit, Inkster, and Flint areas.
In August 2021, the court denied the defendants’ motion to dismiss plaintiffs’ claims under the Fair Housing Act, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, and Truth in Lending Act. In October 2023, the court granted defendants’ motion for summary judgment, but in April 2024, the court granted the plaintiffs’ motion to reconsider, holding that plaintiffs’ claims for reverse redlining and disparate treatment could proceed.

Co-counsel: NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund, ACLU of Michigan, Michigan Poverty Law Program