Lawmakers have repeatedly proposed to eliminate the Legal Services Corporation and zero out the critical funding provided to legal services programs in all corners of all 50 states. Civil legal aid ensures fairness for all in the justice system regardless of income. It provides access to legal help to keep homes out of foreclosure, protect Social Security funds needed to buy food, assist veterans with problems after discharge from service, help students manage their debt, and stop abusers from stalking victims of domestic violence, to name a few. Rural areas, in particular, rely very heavily, if not exclusively, on civil legal aid programs.

lsc legal aid

Tell Congress to keep funding for civil legal aid and continue to help our veterans, families facing foreclosure, and victims of unlawful debt collection practices.

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Civil legal aid has long enjoyed bipartisan support, and for good reason. Americans believe that access to our justice system should not come with a price tag. Regardless of their financial means, all Americans should have the opportunity to defend themselves in a court of law and act in the best interest of themselves and their families.

Funding for the Legal Services Corporation is a small fraction of the federal budget but makes a big difference to the families, seniors, and veterans it services.

Tell Congress to preserve vital funding for civil legal aid and maintain access to the justice system for all Americans regardless of their means.

Other actions you can take

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    • [email protected] please support civil legal aid and access to our court system for all. #LegalAidMatters
    • Civil legal aid has strong bipartisan support. Will you support funding, @Representative ?
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper urging your members of Congress to support funding for civil legal aid. Here’s how!
  • LEARN MORE about the work of our allies at Voices for Civil Justice and Act on Justiceto ensure equal access to justice.


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