Svetlana Ladan, Director of Operations & IT

Svetlana Ladan joined NCLC in 1998. She oversees all technology and administrative functions. Her responsibilities also include developing security protocols, promoting information security awareness within the organization as well as managing NCLC's website(s). Svetlana works closely with the executive director and chief financial officer on administrative, IT, building and other organization related issues. Svetlana graduated [...]

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NCLC’s 50th Anniversary

Voices of NCLC || NCLC's 50 Greatest Hits || Publications || Conferences  Voices of NCLC   Recommend a Voice >>> NCLC's 50th Greatest Hits  Throughout our 50th anniversary year, NCLC is highlighting some of our most important accomplishments over five decades of advocacy for consumer rights and economic justice. This collection of hits is sequenced neither [...]

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