June 6, 2024 — Press Release

New NCLC resource assists financial counselors and legal aid advocates advising people with student loan debt

BOSTON – The National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) has published a new Student Loan Toolkit, a free online resource to help borrowers navigate the student loan system and manage their debt. 

It includes fillable pages so borrowers can record their information and chart their progress toward becoming debt-free. It’s also a resource for financial counselors, legal aid attorneys, and other advocates who advise borrowers on the options and strategies for their loan situation. 

“Borrowers often face a confusing array of choices depending on the types of loans they hold and who owns and services them,” said Anna Anderson, staff attorney, at the National Consumer Law Center. “The toolkit walks them step by step through understanding the types of loans they have and the options available to them, including more affordable plans and even loan cancellation.” 

NCLC created the Toolkit as part of the Student Loan Empowerment Network (SLE Network) launched this month by the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI). The SLE Network includes community-based and legal aid organizations that will provide free assistance to Californians struggling to understand and pay off their student loan debts.

NCLC developed the Student Loan Borrower Toolkit with support from DFPI.

The Toolkit was adapted from the NCLC’s book, Surviving Debt. Surviving Debt has been a leading consumer resource for nearly 30 years, providing practical advice on how to deal with all types of crushing debt. Surviving Debt is available for free online.

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