April 15, 2014 — Report

A car can be an incredibly useful and sometimes indispensable tool for low and moderate income families. Unfortunately many families are unable to get and keep a reliable car at fair terms. While improving public policy is beginning to address some of the abuses in the sale and financing of cars, even in a fair and transparent car sale and finance market there will be some families who are unable to get and keep a car without help.

Nonprofit car ownership organizations across the country are working to address this problem. They are getting cars into the hands of families that need them most. The cars and financing that these programs provide are making a tremendous difference in the lives of families that receive them.

This guide is a tool for organizations interested in launching a new car ownership program or improving an existing car ownership program. The guide describes and analyzes key components of program design as well as useful features of some programs. The guide reflects the variety of programs that have been successfully developed to meet different needs in different communities.