May 25, 2022 — Active Case

Louis et al v. Saferent Solutions, LLC et al, 1:22-CV-10800-AK (D. Mass.)

This class action lawsuit alleges that a national tenant screening provider was violating the Fair Housing Act and related state laws for years. SafeRent, formerly known as CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions, provides tenant screening services that disproportionately give low scores to Black and Hispanic rental applicants who use federally funded housing vouchers to pay the vast majority of their rent, causing them to be denied housing. The lawsuit alleges that SafeRent’s algorithm has a disparate impact based on race and source of income, in violation of federal and state laws.

In July 2023, the court largely denied defendants’ motion to dismiss, holding that that the tenant screening company was subject to the requirements of the Fair Housing Act and related state law and that it could be found responsible for a racially disparate impact on Black and Hispanic rental applicants.

In April 2024, the court certified the class action for settlement purposes and directed that notice be provided to the class members of the proposed settlement.

Co-counsel: Greater Boston Legal Services; Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC