December 7, 2020 — Active Case

Waite et al v. Credit Service Company, Inc., 2020-CV-34153 (Dist. Ct. Co.)

This class action attacking improper medical debt collection practices of a debt collection company that works in conjunction with the state’s hospital system, UC Health, to collect unpaid medical bills. The complaint alleges that patients who are dunned or sued are confused, misled and have their privacy invaded because CSC acts and sues in its own name, and requires disclosure of private medical information from patients who contest the services they receive, but in fact may not itself own the debt. On the other hand, if CSC does own the debt, then it is violating Colorado’s debt buyer law which requires that when a suit is filed, the debt buyer attach ample information about the charges being sued on and the assignment of the debt to the debt buyer.

Co-counsel: Towards Justice; Dan Vedra