August 1, 2018 — Report

This guide is a resource for anyone interested in promoting the use of manufactured housing as an affordable housing and asset-building strategy through local policy. It examines areas of local policymaking that have potential impact and reviews a sampling of existing and proposed municipal and county ordinances and other policies. The guide draws heavily upon the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC)’s and CFED’s experience working with advocates in various parts of the country. This guide:

  • Identifies the key categories of local policies that influence the asset-building potential of manufactured housing.
  • Specifies key elements of strong local manufactured housing policies in several areas.
  • Addresses the authority of local governing bodies to attend to manufactured housing issues and the constitutional constraints on certain types of local manufactured housing policy.
  • Provides strategy tips for local advocates.

Zoning laws, procedures and standards vary greatly from state to state and from municipality to municipality within a state. This guide is intended as an overview. Advocates will need to research their own state’s laws and the ordinances and procedures in their local jurisdictions. It is important to work with a local attorney who is familiar with the particular state’s zoning laws.