January 25, 2021 — Featured News

In an op-ed appearing in Morning Consult on January 25, 2021, Margot Saunders discusses Facebook v. Duguid and how the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in this case will will affect nearly every person living in the United States, as it will determine whether unwanted automated texts and robocalls are covered by the protections of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The TCPA is consumers’ last line of defense against a robocall epidemic that threatens to exploit the most vulnerable among us. The U.S. Supreme Court should support Congress’ efforts to protect consumers from unwanted autodialed calls and text messages, and apply a broad definition to the technology used to contact consumers en masse.

Americans are largely united in their disdain for invasive robocalls. Hopefully, the Supreme Court will uphold their right to stop them.”

Margot Saunders, senior counsel at the National Consumer Law Center. 

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