February 1, 2023 — Press Release

The National Consumer Law Center releases the revised 2023 edition of Surviving Debt, which provides precise, practical advice for families and individuals living with debt burdens.

BOSTON – The National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) has released the new and revised 2023 edition of Surviving Debt, the book recently named “best all-around guide to navigating debt” by Business Insider.

Surviving Debt contains precise, practical, and hard-hitting advice from NCLC’s consumer law experts on how to deal with crushing debt. The book offers valuable information on which debts to pay first, and advice on medical, credit card, student loan, mortgage, and other debts. Key topics include what consumers need to know about credit reporting, how to respond to:  debt collection and collection lawsuits; student loan debt and cancellations; repossessions, foreclosures, and garnishments; criminal justice debt; and when and whether to file for bankruptcy.

Surviving Debt is available as a paperback and ebook. Bulk pricing is available through www.nclc.org/library. Copies are available for review.

Previous editions of Surviving Debt have received praise from book reviewers and financial experts alike:

“A wealth of expert legal advice on dealing with an overwhelming debt burden.”

 — Senator Elizabeth Warren, Founder, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

“Outstanding manual. Seldom is such useful, authoritative information available for so small a price.”

 — Booklist

“A gold mine on topics like how to handle collectors, which debts to pay first, and how collection lawsuits work.”

 — U.S. News and World Report

“Great advice, from the nation’s experts, on how to pull yourself out of debt.”

 — Jane Bryant Quinn

“The best book available for consumers in financial trouble.”

 — Stephen Brobeck, former Executive Director, Consumer Federation of America

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