April 29, 2023 — Featured News

Originally appearing in NBC News on April 29, 2023, Rob Wile, Rania Soetirto, and Jasmine Cui quote Sarah Bolling Mancini regarding where consumers can find help if at risk of losing their home or vehicles.

Help is indeed available for homeowners, said Sarah Bolling Mancini, a senior staff attorney at the nonprofit National Consumer Law Center. Some of those resources include the Homeowners Assistance Fund, a Covid-era support program. Mancini said homeowners should be proactive in talking to their lender or mortgage servicer, most of which have forbearance programs available that can help distressed homeowners buy some time.

“It’s important for consumers to reach out proactively,” she said.  

Unfortunately, there is less support for renters, as pandemic-based assistance programs have mostly been exhausted, according to Mancini.

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