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Tell your Senators: Don’t rig the system in favor of Wall Street banks and companies that endanger public safety. #GoAwayRAA

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The Regulatory Accountability Act (RAA) would favor Wall Street banks and companies that have dangerous products, pose public safety risks, or pollute the environment. The bill would severely limit the federal government from providing critical public protections while allowing corporations to easily block measures that address abusive financial practices or health and safety threats.

The RAA:

  • Requires agencies to prioritize the cheapest rule over the most effective one;
  • Lets lobbyists demand that the federal government first conduct an adversarial hearing, with companies represented by reams of lawyers and putting the public at a profound disadvantage;
  • Adds 52 new procedural and substantive requirements, adding to government red tape, unnecessary costs, and delays;
  • Mandates vague and speculative assessments of indirect impacts on jobs and the economy; and
  • Allows affected industries to tie a rule up in court for years by challenging every step of the process.

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Other actions you can take

  • *Tweet at your senators (their handles are HERE) using #GoAwayRAA and #RAA.
     Sample tweets:
The #RAA is another anti-regulatory giveaway to big corporations. [@Senator] should #VoteNo. #GoAwayRAA
Dear [@Senator]: blocking public protections hurts your constituents. #VoteNo on the #RAA. #GoAwayRAA
Sign the #petition telling the #Senate to #VoteNo on the #RAA and other attacks on public protections. 


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