Defend CFPB

Tell Congress that you want a strong and independent CFPB with no change to its current single director leadership, funding structure, or powers to protect working families!

Tips for advocates ||  Other actions you can take

Wall Street and industry lobbyists are pushing to gut the CFPB, the consumer watchdog responsible for protecting consumers against financial abuses. They want to replace the single director with a weak and paralyzed commission, make funding subject to congressional whims, slash its budget and staff salaries, and decimate its authority.

The CFPB has returned about $12 billion to nearly 30 million working families harmed by predatory lending and has brought more than 99 fines or other actions against companies that tried to rig the system. Bills in Congress would weaken the CFPB to line the pockets of Wall Street instead of Main Street.

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Other Actions You Can Take

Tips for Advocates

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