January 4, 2023 — Press Release

WASHINGTON — Tonight, at 9:00pm ET, NCLC staff attorney Abby Shafroth will join a group of experts, lawyers and advocates for a press conference by telephone to analyze the first briefs from the White House in the U.S. Supreme Court cases challenging President Biden’s student loan relief program. 

The first briefs from the White House are expected to be filed today and become public this evening.

On the call, legal experts from the University of Texas School of Law, UC Irvine School of Law, and UC Berkeley School of Law and student loan advocates will speak to the legality of the current program to provide student loan relief and the insights from the Administration’s legal briefs responding to challenges to the program. 

WHEN: Wednesday, January 4th, 9:00 pm ET


Abby Shafroth, staff attorney, National Consumer Law Center & Director of the Student Loan Borrowers Assistance Project;

Stephen Vladeck, the Charles Alan Wright Chair in Federal Courts at the University of Texas Law School;

Dalié Jiménez, professor at UC Irvine School of Law and co-founder of the Student Loan Law Initiative; 

Jonathan D. Glater, professor at Berkeley Law, where his scholarship focuses on equity in higher education access and the effects of student debt; 

Melissa Byrne, founder and executive director of WeThe45Million (www.cancelstudentdebt.org)

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