Massachusetts Utility Issues that Affect Tenants: Open Energy & Utility Q&A Hours

May 3, 2023


SPEAKERS: Lauren Song, Susan Hegel, and Mac McCreight

This session will focus on the intersection of tenants’ rights and utility issues. National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) attorneys will be joined by Lauren Song, Susan Hegel, and Mac McCreight from Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS), who will present briefly and then help answer questions. Among the topics they will discuss: general tenants’ rights as they relate to utility issues; utility allowances for rent setting; cross metering; etc. Questions about all energy and utility issues in Massachusetts are welcome.

Q&A Hours are an informal, virtual space for folks in Massachusetts who work with low-income utility customers to gather with NCLC staff attorneys and other experts and ask questions about specific issues their clients are facing, ask general questions about MA utility law or the Utility Rights Course training materials, share information about what they are seeing in the field, and/or share recommendations with fellow advocates.