Health Policy Insights: A Healthier Maryland by Ending Medical Debt

July 17, 2023

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No one chooses to have medical debt. Too often, the resulting debt from necessary, life-saving medical care leads to longstanding financial harms for low-income families, especially families of color. While Maryland hospitals have agreements to provide low-cost and free care to eligible households, there is also a long history of them suing patients for even very modest amounts of money. Marylanders should know their rights as patients and be able to get adequate care whenever they need it.

Our broken health care system affects not just Marylanders, but Americans across the country too. Statistically, medical debt is more likely to impact Black and Hispanic adults, those without insurance, low-income families, and adults aged 30-49 (and so many more). Fear of debt can also lead people to delay or avoid medical care. No one should ever have to choose between spending money on basics like food and rent or using almost all of their savings because they needed to get medical care.

We hope you can join us to learn more about how we can eliminate these barriers to healthcare.