Saving Homes In Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Times

June 21-25, 2021 (optional pre-conference intensives to be held June 15-19, 2021)

Conference & Intensive Agenda 


  • Standard Cost – $199
  • Discount 1 (NACA/NACBA) – $159
  • Discount 2 (Nonprofit/Gov) – $149
  • Scholarship (Legal Aid) – $99
  • Scholarship (Next Generation) – $99
  • Additional $60 per Intensive – $60


Through NCLC’s Campaign for the Future and its generous donors, private attorneys with less than 5 years of experience (Next Generation) and ALL legal aid attorneys will receive an automatic 50% scholarship to attend NCLC conferences.  This scholarship opportunity automatically lowers the cost of Main Conference attendance to $99 when registering for the conference. Don’t forget to register by May 14th to receive an extra 20% off with code: EarlyBird20.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You are a lawyer and that neither you nor anyone in your organization represents business or commercial clients (except in disputes between two businesses) or is engaged in any business other than providing legal representation to consumers, OR
  • You are an employee of a state or federal regulatory or enforcement agency or of a state or federally funded nonprofit legal aid organization.

Non-attorneys who work for nonprofit organizations should email with the name of their employer and a brief description of what they do prior to registering

Tell NCLC Your Story

With the broad economic devastation resulting from the pandemic, we are tracking issues that homeowners are facing with their servicers to deal with mortgage payments. Elected officials, government agencies, and industry representatives have been very receptive to stories. Tell your story.

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