“The relationships I’ve built with consumer law colleagues and clients are what mean the most to me. I never expected to be a consumer lawyer, but after a few months in my first job at a consumer protection law firm, I didn’t want to let go — I couldn’t let go — of the feeling that comes along with helping people who really need it.

I still often think about my earliest clients. A family I represented was going through a tough time, and couldn’t get away from debt collectors to get their lives back on track. They were doing everything they reasonably could, but the debt collector continued to harass them — incessantly calling every family member and neighbor to intimidate them.

The family came to me for help, and we got to work. I gave them advice and guided them through the steps they needed to take to turn things around. I visited their house often during this time because I felt the value of being their ally during the process. They needed someone to treat them with dignity, someone they could trust, and I was able to help give them the motivation they needed to pull through.

We were able to achieve a favorable outcome for that family, and I’m proud that I was able to keep them safe and give them much-needed relief. In their case, fluke circumstances made their situation worse, but that’s actually a common factor in most of the cases I see. Sometimes, despite a family’s best efforts, factors beyond their control can keep them from thriving and reaching their goals. That’s why I show up to work everyday — because I know there’s so much more to be done.

In a sense, I owe my solo practice to that family, because they showed me the satisfaction of standing up for the little guy, and gave me the drive to help as many people as possible in my career. Going home at the end of the day and feeling that I’ve benefited not only my clients, but also their community and our country, is incredibly satisfying and humbling.”