August 31, 2023 — Article

Subscribers to NCLC’s Consumer Law Practice Series should be familiar with the robust tools and features of the new and improved NCLC Digital Library. Perhaps less known to subscribers and non-subscribers alike is that the NCLC Digital Library now provides free to the public well over 5,000 practice items. In addition, verified consumer law community members receive even more—over 2,300 additional, free items from past NCLC/NACA conferences.

The Digital Library provides easy access to our free content via powerful searches with numerous filters and navigation tools.  These files can be viewed and downloaded. Free@NCLC provides summaries and links to the essential free tools that practitioners need to know about, even if they are not yet subscribed to NCLC’s Consumer Law Practice Series.

This article provides ten tips to best utilize these free resources—including how to access the files, how to rapidly pinpoint the tool you need, and how to take advantage of special NCLC Digital Library features to make the most of the materials.

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