Nov 19, 2013

People with disabilities are a rich part of the rural fabric of America. Yet many people ask why a person or a family would remain in a rural community when faced with considerable hardships such as lack of Internet access and technology, lack of reliable transportation, and lack of needed supports and services. Why is rural America is so important to those that live there anyway? Why not just move if things are so hard? Those are the easy questions to answer. A question that is not always so easy, however, is how people with disabilities can create or obtain services, as well as take part in their rural communities.

This webinar will focus on the importance of advocacy, inclusion, interdependence, resources (ex: technical, vocational, etc.), networking and community involvement, supportive relationships, leadership, and other relevant topics.

This Webinar is provided by the National Consumer Law Center and the National Alliance for Rural Policy (NARP).