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Creative Thinking about Developing Rural Food Systems

2019-02-20T16:35:57-05:00May 8, 2014|Categories: Rural Development|

May 8, 2014 In this webinar, well explore challenges and responses in building healthy, sustainable food systems in rural areas. Well hear about the work of the Center of Rural Affairs to build up food independence on the Santee Sioux and Omaha Tribe reservations and the connections to cultural knowledge. And well discuss and brainstorm [...]

Federal Rural Housing Programs Update

2019-02-20T16:39:56-05:00March 27, 2014|Categories: Other Webinars, Rural Development|

Mar 27, 2014 This webinar will include a brief overview of the housing programs administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to assist lower income rural homebuyers, homeowners, and renters. Presenters will cover the funding outlook for the year and other issues. Can USDA continue to serve the lowest income rural residents? Can affordable rural [...]

Connecting Community Assets with Market Demand for Lasting Livelihoods

2019-02-21T10:01:37-05:00June 20, 2013|Categories: Rural Development|

Jun 20, 2013 WealthWorks is an innovative approach to meeting the complex challenge of building wealth in areas of persistent poverty. WealthWorks is a bridge between community development and conventional economic development that creates and maintains inclusive non-exploitative demand-driven economic opportunities through investment in the assets of rural places to meet the needs of larger [...]

Strengthening Rural Organizations through Grassroots Fundraising

2019-02-20T15:28:19-05:00May 16, 2013|Categories: Rural Development|

May 16, 2013 The National Alliance for Rural Policy (NARP) presents the seventh in a series of Investments in Rural America webinars: Strengthening Rural Organizations through Grassroots Fundraising. Nonprofit organizations located in rural areas often have a difficult time raising money through traditional methods. While most grant-making foundations tend to concentrate on urban regions of [...]

Investments in Rural America: Create Jobs for USA Initiative

2019-02-20T15:26:00-05:00April 18, 2013|Categories: Rural Development|

Apr 18, 2013 The National Alliance for Rural Policy (NARP) presents the sixth in a series of Investments in Rural America webinars: Create Jobs for USA Initiative - on Thursday, April 18, 2013 from 1:00 until 2:00 PM Eastern. Moderated by David R. Dangler, from the National Alliance for Rural Policy network, the webinar will [...]

Understanding How to Work With Community Foundations and the Role of Gift Planning

2019-02-21T10:39:06-05:00October 2, 2012|Categories: Rural Development|

Oct 2, 2012 These are challenging times for philanthropy, and how non profits can attract, and retain donors. Market volatility, potential changes in estate tax and income tax rates, the general uncertainty of an election year, and the very slow recovery of the economy has kept many donors sitting on the sidelines. Meanwhile, need continues [...]

Sustainable Rural Development Funding: Lessons from the Field

2019-02-20T15:27:23-05:00August 14, 2012|Categories: Rural Development|

The funding environment for rural development is changing dramatically and Don will share the Centers experience with robust and sustainable funding strategies. He will weave three stories from the field that illustrate a new framework for visioning, designing and executing capitalization game plans in support of regional rural development. Don will then summarize the key [...]

Rethinking Investments in Rural Infrastructure and Access in a Changing World

2019-02-20T15:28:50-05:00August 1, 2012|Categories: Rural Development|

Aug 1, 2012 This webinar will focus primarily on the need, funding and investment for telecommunications, including broadband infrastructure. Public advocates will identify issues underlying the need for telecommunications infrastructure to rural areas, and associated challenges to funding. Associated challenges include FCC policies and directives and will include a review of FCCs plans for extending [...]