August 4, 2021

This webinar will provide students with information about student loan discharges and other information regarding the closure of the Center for Excellence in Higher Education Schools Independence University, CollegeAmerica, Stevens-Henager College, and California College San Diego. In August 2020, the Attorney General of Colorado won its case against CEHE’s owners. In that lawsuit, the Colorado AG revealed extensive evidence that CEHE schools were misleading students, misrepresented earnings and employment outcomes, and were offering predatory private loans to students.

As students are navigating their school’s closure, they should be cautious and take time to consider all their options. They have many different options – including obtaining a closed school discharge (a complete cancellation of all their federal student loans and restoration of their Pell Grants) – and should make sure they understand all their rights and options before making a decision. Although their school may pressure them to complete their program via a “teach-out” or transferring to a new school, students who do so will not be able to obtain a closed school discharge. Borrowers should carefully consider whether completing their program is worth the debt they will need to repay to do so. We hope that many will attend our webinar which will provide the information they need to move forward.


Robyn Smith, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
Kyra Taylor, Staff Attorney at the National Consumer Law Center


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